Alex Price

After injuring himself on set of The Cursed Child while playing Draco Malfoy, Alex contacted me to help him rehab his knee injury and return to full fitness before travelling to New York to continue his role. He is now back to full health and ready to return to the stage – Matt I had… Read More

Emma Neill

Before I started training with Matt, I had been a member of gyms but never had the confidence or the knowledge to train properly. Matt is great, he explains all of the exercises and demonstrates whilst telling you how they change your body. He is really encouraging. When I started seeing results I found I… Read More

Paige Townsend

With Matt I’ve managed to lose almost two stone in about 5 months. He’s so helpful and puts up with my mood swings when I’m having a down day.  He’s helped me get clued up with nutrition and taught me what healthy actually is, rather than my warped ideas on it. The workout programmes change… Read More

Ellen Wakefield

I would highly recommend Matt as a Personal trainer. I have come along way since my first personal training session and it is thanks to Matt. He is professional yet makes the sessions fun too – keeps me doing different things so I don’t get bored. I like the fact he helps you work on… Read More

Nina-Marie Brebner

Since having an operation on my back 12 months ago, fitness has been a frustrating stop start of activities, making small amounts progress swiftly followed by a huge step back. Having Matt involved has seen the most continuous improvement, without any steps back. I now sleep at night with no pain, I get up from… Read More

Nathan Riddell

Matt is incredibly friendly, accommodating and knowledgable when it comes to his PT work. Not only does he work you hard during a training session, but he educates you incredibly well as well. He gives you the information and confidence to go away and know how to alter your own training plan and improve yourself.

Maria Stone

When I approached Matt for PT sessions, I knew very little about training and didn’t have the confidence to attend the gym on my own. Matts sessions are fun and informative, he is super knowledgeable and I enjoyed the variety of exercises in each session. Furthermore, to compliment our sessions he created me a personalized… Read More

Emma McDonald

I really enjoy my sessions with Matt and his passion and knowledge is clear to see. Would certainly recommend anyone who is looking for PT to not only push you but improve your technique also.

James Harman

Matt is a fantastic PT, motivational as well as knowledgeable. Matt has also helped me with my anxiety and working out in peak times when I would never have gone to the gym before. I look forward to continuing working with Matt and seeing even more results. Thank you

Elizabeth Rowe-Swaine

Thoroughly impressed with Matts incredible knowledge, and I was able to see improvements after just one session. I can’t rate Matt highly enough, he is professional, competent and caring.