Having completed two courses of personal training with Matt (yes, I went back for more), I can highly recommend him. Matt is well prepared for each training session and creates enough challenges to push the boundaries, without putting you off. I certainly worked harder with his encouragement than I would’ve on my own. Even though I’ve been a gym-goer for several years, Matt introduced me to different exercises and new ways of using the gym machines and equipment so that I can vary my routine. He is knowledgeable about physiology too, and was helpful in answering any questions I had. The 5-day programme he designed for me to follow independently was carefully planned and targeted all the areas I wanted to work on. I also felt huge benefit from the training sessions in terms of weight loss and feeling more energised in general. Matt has a friendly yet professional approach, and I very much enjoyed working with him. I’m sure that he will enjoy continued success in his career.

Kate Beaumont