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All of our 1-on-1 Personal Training sessions are carried out by myself.  As a qualified Sports Therapist and Personal Trainer, my main specialty is Personal Training for Performance. This covers the general goals such as weight loss and toning, but more specifically working with those that are suffering/returning from injury or looking to improve their sport-specific performance.

If you feel like you are in a rut and cant lose weight, or want to return to fitness after an injury or operation I can help. Regardless of your goals, my sessions emphasise improving your movement patterns. The better you move, the harder and more efficeintly you can train. This means all results from weight loss to improving back pain will be quicker, and you stay injury free in the long run. Maximising your movement may be as simple as just correcting technique with exercises, or as complex as assessing your biomechanics and fixing asymmetries.

If you want to get back to fitness but are unsure of where to start I’m here to help, simply drop me a message on the contact form below.

Matthew Naylor – Lead Trainer and Sports Therapist

As the founder of The Performance Zone, I believed in creating a company that encompasses all the different aspects of health, fitness and performance. I have over 8 years of experience as a personal trainer, where I have been lucky enough to work with an array of clients. These vary from TV presenters and authors who want to look good for the camera, through to competitive athletes looking to improve their sport specific performance.


Horsham Dual Strength and Fitness and/or Mobile Within Horsham

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Suffering and/or Returning from Injury

Sport Specific Training

General Weight Loss and Toning

Prices From £40ph for Block Bookings


Prices from £50pcm for Subscriptions

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