I have intermittent issues with pain in my shoulders and neck and asked Matt if he could suggest anything to help relieve it.

I don’t believe this is sports related, more likely due to my sedentary job – sitting down all day in front of a PC – and therefore adopting bad posture which is so easy to do!

The pain I get is not constant, in fact can strike at any time and sometimes has left me unable to lift my arm, and therefore consequent actions such as putting on and taking off clothes is impossible without assistance which is not always appropriate!

Matt has helped to relieve the pain through massaging out knots he has identified. I have also done some range of movements tests to identify what, if any, of these trigger pain.

Although sometimes painful, the massage itself is quite pleasurable and afterwards leaves you with a real sense of wellbeing.

As always, Matt has a professional attitude to his work and I recommend his massages as a treatment.

Kate Greenwood