Group Classes

What are Group Classes

Our group classes are taken in the lardner hall next to our fitness studio. These classes are delivered in larger groups of participants than are group personal training sessions and benefit from the energetic group atmosphere.

Our Classes 

At current, we have fourclasses confirmed, but we are still adding to our timetable and will be announcing more classes soon!

Zumba with Daisy – Mondays 6.30pm

Pump with Sarah – Tuesdays 6.30pm

Pilates with Sarah – Fridays 10.30am

Megamix with Daisy – Coming Soon!

Cost for Classes

Our class passes will sit in your account until you redeem the classes for up to 6-months.  You can use the passes to book on for any of our classes. For example if you purchase a pack of 3 sessions you can then use these within a 6-month period from their purchase to book on for Zumba, Pilates or BoxFit as you please.

1 Pass for £6.50 /  3 Passes for £18.00  / 5 Passes for £27.50 / 10 Passes for £50.00

Unlimited Gym and Class Membership – £39.99

Claim Your Half Price 4-Week Trial

If you are interested in coming to try out some of our sessions, we are currently offering a half price 4-week trial for £24.99. You can learn more about the trial and book your space by clicking on the picture below.

Alternatively, you can drop us a message through the WhatsApp button on the screen or by calling 01403 613093.