Thanks for taking an interest in joining our 6-week kick starter programme! We’re excited to have you as part of our community and to help you work toward your health and fitness goals!

Who is the kickstarter programme for?

Our trial is suitable for anyone of any fitness level, whos looking to make sustainable changes to their health and fitness. It doesn’t matter if you are already a regular gym user or brand new to exercise.

Before you get started, we’ll have a chat with you to gauge where your current fitness levels are and help to advise you what session/s are best suited to you. The trainer that you meet for your 1-on-1 also becomes your point of contact and you can message them for support throughout your 6-weeks.


What is the 6-Week Kick Starter Programme

Our kick starter programme is all about guiding you towards making positive changes to your overall health and fitness. It is important to note, this programme is NOT a lose weight quick scheme. We will work toward coaching you to making positive changes and building a healthy relationship with exercise and nutrition.

We will help you to

Identify any barriers to achieving your goals, as well as implement a sustainable plan to overcome these

Learn how to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle in a sustainable manner

Learn how to improve your nutrition and relationship with food, while still enjoying the foods that you love

Learn how to track progress without obsessive weigh ins and measurements

We will never

Promote fad/crash diets

Promote weight loss supplements and meal replacements

Promote excessive and unsustainable exercise

What Does the programme include

Part 1 –  Plan – To start you on your journey, you get an hour 1-on-1 introductory session with one of our trainers. This session is used to learn a bit about you and set a plan for your 6-weeks with us.

To do this we do a health screening, movement screening and general questioning. You will also be given a food diary to complete (if you are happy to do so). After these screenings, we will have learnt a lot more about you which we can then use to set you a 6-week plan going forward. At this stage, you can decide if you want to start on our basic plan, or if you want to add any extras!

Part 2 – Action – After the initial 1-on-1 session, we will set your 6-week start date. Once the 6-weeks have started, you’ll get unlimited access to all of our open gym sessions, classes and group personal training sessions. Your trainer will have recommended the best classes/sessions suited to you, and you will now be able to book in through our app and put the plan in to place!

Part 3 – Review – During your 6 weeks your trainer will check in with you at the 3-week and 6-week mark to see how you are getting on. Of course, you will get loads of extra support during the classes too and you can always drop us a message if you have any other questions along the way.

Part 4 – Aftercare – Once your 6-weeks is up, you will have learnt a lot about how to sustainably implement exercise and healthy eating into your lifestyle without obsessing and restricting your lifestyle. If you have enjoyed your time with us, then at this stage you will be able to purchase pay-as-you-go, packages or sign up to a membership directly through the app. We have a range of membership options starting at £24.99pcm.

View Our Timetable 

With your 6-weeks, you get access to everything on our timetable. You can view the timetable by clicking the link below. Your trainer will explain all the different classes/sessions types during your initial 1-on-1 session.

How much do the kick starter plans cost

Our basic 6-week plan is a one off payment of just £39.99! This includes all of the below for a one time fee.

1 x 1-on-1 Onboarding Personal Training Session

6-Weeks unlimited Open Gym, Classes and Group Personal Training

3-week and 6-week check in

20% discount on your first 3 months of memberships after your graduation

All for a one off fee of just £39.99!

Additional Extras

If you are looking to super charge your 6-weeks with us, we offer additional products to help with your goals. These extras are all at a one-time 20% discount as part of our 6-week plans but must be used within 8 weeks of their purchase. You don’t have to purchase any extras, but if you think they would benefit you then you can discuss these with your trainer and add these on to your plan during your onboarding session.

Add Ons

1-on-1 Personal Training Physiotherapy/Sports Therapy

Nutritional Therapy

1 Hour

£45 £45

1 hour consultation, food diary analysis and meal plan creation with our Nutritional Therapist (Instagram – bella_nutrition)



3 Hours



5 Hours £200



How to reserve your space

We only take on a set number of people per intake, so if you are interested you need to act fast. You can reserve your space by filling out your details below and a trainer will contact you to book in your initial onboarding session.