Open Studio

As part of our community focus, we decided we didn’t want to close the facility off to members of the public who wan’t to come and do their own thing. In order to do this we have created “open studio” spaces in our weekly timetable, in which anyone member or non-member can come and pay a small fee to use the facility.

Our facility offers a range of state of the art fitness equipment that can be seen below. We still have a lot of additional equipment that we plan to introduce over the coming months, but at current we offer the following:

1 x Half Rack and Lifting Platform +2 x Bars (Inc 450kg of Plates)

Full set of dumbbells up to 32kg

Full set of Kettlebells, Medicine Balls and Slam Balls

Dual Cable Machine

Quad Cable Machine (Seated Row, Lat Pull Down, Tricep Press and Multiuse Cable)

45 Degree Leg Press

Sled Track and Sled

Concept 2 Skierg

Concept 2 Bikeerg

Concept 2 Rower

Suspension Trainer

Our open studio spaces are generally off peak when were not delivering small group training and are also capped due to current guidelines. In order to book on to one of these sessions, you can visit the booking system on the link below.

The sessions are an hour long, and you can come and go at anytime within that session. Once government restrictions ease the timings for these sessions will also ease, but for now we can only offer these sessions in hour blocks.

If you are early to the session you can come and que in the lobby around the side of the building (follow our signs) while are staff are cleaning from the previous session.

To see the available sessions and book your slot please follow the link below.

The Performance Zone Fitness Studio Timetable

Coming March 2021