Review: The Grid Foam Roller

So the other day I posted about foam rolling and the wide range of benefits. Today I’m going to be posting a quick review on the grid foam roller from trigger point therapy.

To me, there are a few main things that make the grid foam roller stand out from the vast majority of other rollers. Firstly, it is designed with three different parts to the surface, simulating the palm, thumbs and finger tips. For those of you who have used a foam roller before, you often have to revert to a tennis ball to get deeper in to specific muscles. The grids surface means a more varied approach to foam rolling, and does work better than a normal roller. While its a nice touch, in my personal opinion the varied surface doesn’t make much difference and I don’t find it works deeper in to the muscles than a conventional roller. If deeper pressures is what you’re after, there are rollers such as the rumble roller that can offer this.


Secondly, and by far the most importantly, is the fact that it is very durable. I’ve had mine two years now, and with regular use it still looks brand new. The durability also means that the roller works effectively however much you use it. In past experiences I’ve found that normal rollers loose their function within a six month period of use. While the initial cost is a little more, you save yourself in the long term as you wont need to replace the roller on a regular basis.

Lastly it is only 13″ long and 5″ in diameter, meaning it is actually fairly travel friendly, and fits in a gym bag nicely. There are smaller options available as well should you need your roller to be even more travel friendly.

So overall, the grid foam roller is a very worthy investment for anyone that is a keen user. It works well, travels easy and saves you money. What’s not to like!?