15 Tips and Tricks for Weight Loss

Below are some of my favourite tips and tricks for long term weight loss.

1. Eat Smaller Meals More Often – Every time you eat your metabolism increases to digest and use food. This means by eating regularly, you can make sure that it’s constantly at the top of its game. It also means you won’t be hungry and therefore won’t snack on unhealthy foods.

2. Regular Resistance Training – Increases lean muscle mass. The more muscle you have the more calories you will burn at rest. You also burn calories while lifting and while the muscles are in recovery too.

3. Regular Interval Training – Increases EPOC, your body’s demand for oxygen. This has been proven to burn more calories than steady continuous training, and can be done in a much shorter time period.

4. Eat healthy Fats – Unsaturated and Omega 3/6 fats have an array of benefits including burning fat. Stay away from saturated and trans fats though.

5 Drink Lots of Green Tea – This fights cancer and boosts metabolism. Make sure to use hot water not boiling. This stops you from burning the leaves and keeps the bitter taste away.

6 Chew Food Better – Digestion starts in the mouth. The more you chew your food the easier your body can digest it. This helps absorb nutrients, and stores less fat. It’s suggested to chew your food 30-50 times per bite, although I’ve never met anyone with the patience!

7. Drink Lots of Water – Water is critical for every function in the body. It helps aid in digestion and flushes waste products out of the system. It also aids in suppressing appetite and lowering cholesterol levels. The more you can drink the better. Sip throughout the day rather than drinking high quantities at once.

8. Spicy Foods – Increases metabolism and helps with burning extra calories. The spicier the better! Good luck!

9. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables – Lots of fruit and vegetables keeps you topped up on vitamins and minerals. These are important in keeping your bodily functions and metabolism working properly.

10. Cut out Alcohol – Alcohol is full of empty calories that are a nightmare for people trying to loose weight. These empty calories wont fuel your body and will actually leave you feeling hungrier than before. There is also a compound in alcohol that makes your body store more fat.

11. Decrease Stress – Stress increases Cortisol levels which makes your body store fat. The lower your Cortisol levels the easier it is to burn fat. A good excuse to do nothing and relax on that anticipated day off!

12. Eat Breakfast – Over night your body goes in to starvation mode and your metabolism drops down. Eating breakfast boosts this back up so you’re able to start burning calories again.

13. Eat lots of Protein – Protein keeps you feeling fuller for longer and stops you from unhealthy snacking. It also plays a vital role in the recovery and growth of cells. If you want to put muscle on or tone up, then you must be getting enough.

14. Sleep Properly – Sleep increases Leptin levels (controls hunger) and decreases Ghrelin levels (causes hunger) This helps control cravings and therefore helps with burning fat. Sleep also boosts testosterone and growth hormone levels in both females and males, allowing for an extra fat burning kick. What better reason to sleep in!?

15. Keep your workouts short and sharp – Over an hour of continuous exercise increases Cortisol levels and makes your body store fat. Keep it short and sharp to keep higher levels of the good hormones that help you torch fat.

16. Be active throughout the day – Climb stairs, walk instead of driving, pace while on the phone – It all adds up to extra calories burnt. Over a longer period of time it can make a massive difference.

All of these above tips can be incorporated in to your lifestyle fairly easily. Together they can make a real difference so make sure to incorporate as many as possible. Most importantly remember to get a healthy diet and exercise plan.

Good luck!